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8 Inch Projected Capacitive Touch Panel

Short Description:

JC-GF080A0, 8 inch, GFF capacitive touch screen,is comprised of a cover, sensor, driver IC and FPC.

The merits of the product are its excellent heat-proof and good transparency.

Its light transmittance is more than 80 percent.It is widely applied to Face recognition payment POS, Intelligent POS, Phone waterdrop.

All materials and components must be RoHS compliance.

Product Detail

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Bosic structure For Resitive Touch sereer

Item No. JC-GF080A0
Type G+F+F
Thickness 1.6mm adjustable
Operating Voltage 3.3ⅴ adjustable
Operating Current 2.5mA-10mA Depends on IC
External Dimension 248*165MM
View Area Dimension 177.64±0.15*100.36±0.15MM
Active Area Dimension 188.64±0.2*111.36±0.2*0.5±0.05MM
Sensitivity 100±30¢ 6 contact rod
Interface I2C,USB
Connection of TSP and IC COF or COB
Transparency ≥80% depends on the quantity of layers
Haze ≤2.5% depends on the quantity of layers
Surface coating Anti-Fingerprint、Anti-Smeary、Anti-Reflection etc.
Storage Temperature -15℃~40℃ ,<90%RH;40℃~70℃,<60%RH
Surface Hardness -20℃~40℃ ,<90%RH ;40℃~70℃,<60%RH
Surface Hardness ≥5H
TSP ESD Level ≧100 000 000 Times
Application MID,Tablet PC

JC-GF080A0 is an 8-inch GFF capacitive touch screen with the following advantages:

8 inch touch screen

1. Good heat resistance: This touch screen uses high-quality materials and special processing technology, has good heat resistance, can work normally in high temperature environments, and will not be damaged by heat.

2. High light transmittance: The cover plate and sensor of the touch screen are made of high light transmittance materials, with a light transmittance of more than 80%, which can provide a clear and bright display effect and maintain the high brightness and color reproduction of the screen.

3. Widely used: This product is widely used in face recognition payment POS, smart POS, mobile phone water drop screen and other fields. In facial recognition payment POS, the touch screen can provide an intuitive and convenient human-computer interaction interface to facilitate users to perform payment operations; in smart POS, the touch screen can implement a variety of functions, such as order management, inventory management, etc., to improve work efficiency; In mobile phone water drop screens, the touch screen can provide a larger display area while maintaining the compact design of the mobile phone.

4. High-quality display effect: The touch screen has high light transmittance and excellent display effect, and can present delicate and clear images and text, providing a good visual experience.

5. Reliability and stability: The touch screen is composed of high-quality driver IC and FPC, which has high reliability and stability and can work stably for a long time, reducing failure rate and maintenance costs.

Product Introduction

To sum up, JC-GF080A0 is an 8-inch GFF capacitive touch screen with good heat resistance and light transmittance. It is suitable for face recognition payment POS, smart POS, mobile phone water drop screen and other application scenarios, and can provide high Quality touch interaction and display effects. 

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