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3.5 Inch Projected Capacitive Touch Panel

Short Description:

3.5 Inch is a capacitive touch screen, which is composed of a cover, sensor, driver IC and FPC, driven by a ILI2302M capacitive touch driver IC, Which utilizes an I2C interface, and is capacitive of 5-10 points touch.

High surface hardness and short response times.

Its surface surface is more than 3H and its response time is less than 10ms.

It is widely applied to Smart lock, Smart robot, Smart switch.

Product Detail

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Product Parameters

Item No. 3.5"
Type G+F+F
Thickness 1.22mm adjustable
Operating Voltage 3.3ⅴ adjustable
Operating Current 2.5mA-10mA Depends on IC
External Dimension 70.7±0.2mmX87±0.2mm
View Area Dimension 50.56*81.46mm
Active Area Dimension 49.96*74.44mm
Sensitivity 100±30¢ 6 contact rod
Interface I2C,USB
Connection of TSP and IC COF or COB
Transparency ≥80% depends on the quantity of layers
Haze ≤2.5% depends on the quantity of layers
Surface coating Anti-Fingerprint、Anti-Smeary、Anti-Reflection etc.
Storage Temperature -15℃~40℃ ,<90%RH;40℃~70℃,<60%RH
Surface Hardness -20℃~40℃ ,<90%RH ;40℃~70℃,<60%RH
Surface Hardness ≥5H
TSP ESD Level ≧100 000 000 Times
Application Cellphone

This 3.5" capacitive touch screen has the following advantages:

PCAP 3.5 inch capacitive touch panel screen

1. High-quality materials: Using a high-hardness cover plate with a surface hardness greater than 3H, it can effectively resist scratches and wear, maintaining screen clarity and touch sensitivity.

2. Fast response: The response time is less than 10ms, which can capture the user's touch actions in real time, provide a smooth touch experience, and reduce delays and freezes.

3. Multi-touch: Supports 5-10 points of capacitive touch, which can identify multiple touch points at the same time, achieve more interactive operations, and improve user operating efficiency and experience.

4. Highly integrated: driven by ILI2302M capacitive touch driver IC, using I2C interface, it has a high degree of integration, simplifies product design and wiring, and improves system stability and reliability.

5. Wide application: Suitable for smart locks, smart robots, smart switches and other fields, it can provide intuitive and convenient human-computer interaction interfaces for these smart devices, improving the intelligence level and user experience of the product.

Product Introduction

To sum up, this 3.5" capacitive touch screen has the advantages of high-quality materials, fast response, multi-touch, high integration and wide application, and can provide high-quality touch interaction experience for various smart devices.

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