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13.3 Inch 4-wire resistive touch screen

Short Description:

1. Can be sealed to prevent contamination, support NEMA4/4X/12 industry standards.

2. Complies with ASTM D3363 pencil hardness 3H, impact resistance.

3. Use matte anti-scratch Newton ring conductive film to prevent damage and.

Product Detail

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Product configuration parameters

Order Model  JC- 01303DR4
Product Overview 13.3 inch 4-wire resistance touch screen
Dimension  299*194.7mm              
V/A size  288.8*181.6mm
A/A Size  286.4*179.2mm
Product Thickness  1.4mm
Interface  4pin * Pitch=1.0mm       
FPC Length  100mm
Light Transmission  81%
Surface Haze  5%
Action Temperature  -30℃~70               
Storage Temperature  -40℃~70
Surface hardness  pencil 3H
Bonding strength  above 5N
Response force  below 80gf
Response time  below 20ms
Pen life  more than 100,000 characters
Pen life  more than 1,000,000 hits

The Upper Film

4-wire resistive touch screen1

Advantages of Jiecheng resistive touch screen.

1 Mis-input prevention area design: prevent the occurrence of product malfunction, such as preventing and solving the problem of touching no reflection caused by the malfunction of the product assembly debris, frame burrs and dust particles in the process of use to the edge of the frame and other malfunctions.

2 No Newton's ring: Adopting precise automatic laminating technology and double-sided adhesive process, completely overcoming the phenomenon of Newton's ring.

3 High penetration rate: from the common 80% to more than 92%, according to the customer's needs for personalised design and production.

4 Double-sided adhesive process: film and glass between the 3M special double-sided adhesive lamination (self-adhesive), there is no glue printing overflow phenomenon and hardening and other ITO wear and tear caused by the linear shift or even the operation of non-reflective and other issues.

The Spacer Dots

Yellow light process: the product adopts yellow light process, exposure development to form Dot Space, making writing smooth, to avoid the printing process used by domestic touch screen manufacturers to form the DOT SPACE irregularities brought about by writing broken pen, there is no DOT SPACE missing phenomenon.

Flexible input mode: pen and finger touch can be used alone or in combination, and different segmentation areas can be specified input mode.

4-wire resistive touch screen3
4-wire resistive touch screen4
4-wire resistive touch screen2
4-wire resistive touch screen

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