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15.1 Inch Projected Capacitive Touch panel With I2C Interface

Short Description:

15.1 inch, GFF capacitive touch screen, has a two-layer structure: Cover Glass+ITO Glass.

Wide storage/operation temperature range and excellent light transmittance performance.

Its storage/operation temperature range is from -30℃~to 80℃ and its light transmittance is more than 85 percent.

Its humilities can be in the 20 to 90 percent range.

Application: for this Category include Portable PC, Laser Printer.

l products strictly according to the EU ROHS directive requirements.

Product Detail

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Bosic structure For Resitive Touch sereer

Model Number JC-GG150A0
Size 15.0 inch
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃,≤85% RH
Outline Dimension 365.00x294.50x2.90 mm
Viewing Area 306.40x230.40 mm
Support Systems Windows/Android/Linux etc.
Light Transmittance ≥85%
Surface Hardness ≥6H 
Cover glass surface treatment AF  
Interface Type USB
Controller IC ILITEK
Touch Points 1-10 Points
Power Supply Voltage 5V

The 15.1 inch GFF capacitive touch screen, with a two-layer structure of Cover Glass and ITO Glass, offers several advantageous selling points:

15.1 capacitive touch screen1

1. Wide storage/operation temperature range: This touch screen is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, with a storage/operation temperature range from -30℃ to 80℃. It can function reliably in various environments, ensuring consistent performance.

2. Excellent light transmittance performance: With a light transmittance of over 85 percent, this touch screen delivers clear and vibrant visuals. It allows for high-quality display and enhances the user experience.

3. Versatile application: This touch screen is suitable for a range of applications, including Portable PCs and Laser Printers. It provides intuitive and efficient touch interaction, making it ideal for devices that require precise input and control.

4. Wide humidity range: The touch screen can operate effectively in humid conditions, with a humidity range of 20 to 90 percent. It maintains its functionality and durability even in environments with varying humidity levels.

5. Compliance with EU ROHS directive: The production of this touch screen strictly adheres to the requirements of the EU ROHS directive. It is free from hazardous substances, ensuring the safety and environmental friendliness of the product.

Product Introduction

In summary, the 15.1 inch GFF capacitive touch screen offers advantages such as a wide storage/operation temperature range, excellent light transmittance performance, versatile application, wide humidity range, and compliance with the EU ROHS directive. It is a reliable and high-quality touch screen solution for Portable PCs, Laser Printers, and other related devices.

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