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Resistive Touch Screen

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4-wire vs. 5-Wire


• 5-The basic structure of the two types of resistive screens, 4-wire and 5-wire, are the same, consisting of an upper layer of ITO film, a lower layer of ITO glass, and spacer dots on the lower layer.

• The difference lies in their control principles. Please refer to the diagram on the right, where the upper part shows the 4-wire structure and the lower part shows the 5-wire structure. In a 5-wire resistive screen, only the lower layer needs to be positioned, while the upper layer only serves as a circuit loop. On the other hand, the 4-wire resistive screen requires both the upper and lower layers to process line position detection.

• Therefore, 5-wire screens have better accuracy and stability than 4-wire screens, making them widely used in fields such as medical, industrial control, military, and navigation.


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Bosic structure For Resitive Touch sereer

Available Materials


Upper Film

Single Layer, Double Layers

Clear Film




Spacer Dots


Glass Substrate

Ordinary glassStrengthen Glass

The Upper Film


The Upper Film

Resistive Touch Screen

Sing Layer/Double Layers Film:In resistive screen projects, single-layer ITO film is generally used.  Double-layer ITO film is more convenient for writing, but its price is higher than single-layer film.

Compared to Ag ITO film, celar film has higher clarity and better visual effects. Ag films are not easy to reflect outdoors, making them easier to see. Generally, clear film is used in consumer products, while Ag film is used in industrial control or outdoor products.

Due to structural reasons, ordinary resistive screens are prone to Newton’s rings, which greatly affects the visual effect. On ITO materials, an anti-Newton ring process is added to effectively improve the Newton’s ring phenomenon.

Adding an anti-reflection coating can greatly improve the display effect, making it more transparent and clearer.

The Spacer Dots

The function of spacer dots is to separate the upper ITO film from the lower ITO glass, to prevent the two layers of material from approaching or contacting each other, in order to avoid short circuits and the generation of Newton’s rings.  Generally, the larger the size of the touch screen visual window, the larger the diameter and spacing of the spacer dots.

Resistive Touch Screen2

The Glass Substrate

Compared to regular ITO glass, strengthen glass is less likely to break when dropped, meanwhile, the price is  higher.

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