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What determines the viewing angle of industrial LCD screen

Industrial LCD screen is a kind of display equipment widely used in modern industry, and its viewing angle is one of the important factors affecting the display effect. Viewing angle refers to the maximum angle range from the center point of the screen to the left, right or up and down, and can see a clear image. The size of the viewing angle will affect the visibility of the screen, the clarity of the image and the color saturation.

The viewing angle of industrial LCD screen is determined by many factors, among which the following are several important factors:

1. Panel type
There are many kinds of LCD panels, including TN, VA, IPS and other types. Different types of panels have different viewing angle characteristics. The viewing angle of TN panel is small, about 160 degrees, while the viewing angle of IPS panel can reach more than 178 degrees, with a large viewing angle.

2. Backlight
The backlight of LCD screen will also affect the viewing angle. The higher the brightness of the backlight, the smaller the viewing angle of the LCD screen. Therefore, in order to improve the viewing angle of LCD screen, it is necessary to choose a backlight with lower brightness.

3. Reflective film
The reflective film of liquid crystal screen can increase the reflection of light, thus improving the viewing angle. The quality and thickness of the reflective film will also affect the viewing angle.

4. Pixel arrangement
There are many pixel arrangement modes of LCD screen, such as RGB, BGR, RGBW and so on. Different arrangements will also affect the perspective. The perspective of RGB arrangement is larger.

5. Screen Size and Resolution
The size and resolution of the LCD screen will also affect the viewing angle. The viewing angle of large-size and high-resolution LCD screen will be relatively small.
In conclusion the viewing angle of industrial LCD screen is determined by many factors. In order to achieve the best display effect, it is necessary to select the appropriate panel type, backlight, reflective film, pixel arrangement, size and resolution according to the actual application needs.


Post time: May-05-2023