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Low temperature resistance LCD Low temperature range Low temperature resistance LCD -40 screens recommended

Low temperature resistant LCD display low temperature range Low temperature resistant LCD -40 screen recommendation.

How to choose a low-temperature display? LCD LCD applications have been very popular in various industries, but some products are used in a very harsh and special environment, some are cold and cold and high-temperature environment, so the high temperature and low temperature requirements of the LCD screen is particularly important, then the low temperature range of low-temperature LCD screen is how much? How should I choose a low-temperature LCD screen?

Low-temperature LCD low-temperature range


First of all, LCD LCDs are divided into military-grade LCD, industrial-grade LCD and civilian-grade LCD.

Military LCD LCD is used in military equipment, such as: fighter jets, aircraft carriers or tanks, etc.. Any of the components on these devices are the most advanced, the most precise and the most expensive. Military LCDs generally reach operating temperatures of -40°C to 85°C.

Industrial LCDs are slightly less expensive than military ones. Industrial LCD's generally operate at temperatures of -20°C to 70°C for the most part.

Commercial LCD's are the ones we see the longest in our lives, for example: air conditioners, refrigerators, computers, etc. The price is the cheapest, the most common and the most practical. The working temperature of commercial LCD displays is generally in the range of 0℃~50℃ .


There is also a kind of automotive car specification screen LCD device operating temperature is also -40℃~85℃.

In general we divide the temperature of LCD liquid crystal module into 2 parts, one for the working temperature and the other for the storage temperature. Under normal circumstances the working temperature -20℃~70℃, then the storage temperature will be -30℃~80℃.

Low Temperature Resistant LCD -40 Screen Recommendation
Low temperature LCD -40 screen is suitable for low temperature environment, if there is product development on the screen of the ambient temperature as well as the use of temperature in this range, you can directly consult us, we will send you the complete low temperature resistant LCD -40 related screen, will also provide you with relevant cooperation cases about low temperature LCD -40.

The above is about the low temperature range of low temperature LCD, as well as low temperature LCD -40 screen how to choose the corresponding screen an introduction, if there is a related product development and purchase can consult the staff of Jet City Technology, the company's products are used in handheld terminals, high-end mobile phones, smart home, Internet of Things devices, artificial intelligence, video phones, intercoms and other industry terminal brands.

Post time: May-05-2023